The Together for Peace to thank friends and colleagues for the excellent results achieved in 2013 and wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a New Year Prosperity.

Accountability - Achievements in 2013

Project "Move-on by a thread of solidarity":

  1. Received many donations of hair that were photographed delivered to Jakbell, for making wigs.
  2. Six (06) wigs for cancer patients after chemotherapy were delivered;

Securities of Public Utility:

  1. Thanks to the support of Councilman Carlos whitewashed and Mr Bebeto, managed to get the titles in UP Municipal and State levels, which we appreciate immensely;

Conducting Lectures and Presentations:

  1. Club Monte Sinai - 11/06/2013;
  2. Veiga de Almeida University - Tijuca - 25/06/2013;
  3. Community House Bar - 11/07/2013;


  1. CL Digital - Creation of the site and layout of the leaflet dissemination;
  2. Graphic Green Light LTD - Preparation of leaflets and brochures;
  3. Zona Sul supermarket - Barra;
  4. Art Bakery Bread - Granted coffee breaks for our lectures;
  5. Umbrella Magazine - Material presenting the Together for Peace for the community of English language edition in the month of September;
  6. Tampasco Arthur, 14, who designed the logo and the design of the Angel of Peace symbol Peace Project Goal;
  7. Dr. Francisco Carrera Carreras Attorneys Office;
  8. IEVA - Environmental Institute Events - Sponsored renting the Community House Bar for presentations of 07/11/2013.

Participated Events:

  1. Ten years without Sergio Vieira de Mello - The Botanical Garden - Space Tom Jobim;
  2. Interview with journalist Acacia Vieira in radio;
  3. Tribute to Minister Antonio Patriota - Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro;
  4. Sustainable bar - Making it Happen - Sheraton Barra;
  5. Children of the Holocaust Exhibition - Light Center / Rio;
  6. We were greeted by the Guanabara Palace º Dear Mr. Vice Governor Bigfoot;
  7. We were greeted at City Hall by Dear º Laudemar Aguiar Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former National Secretary of the National Organizing Committee of Rio +20.