Get involved and connect with solidarity

This campaign is aimed at the donation by children of their hair for the creation of wigs for others - children, young people and adults - cancer sufferers who, as a result of chemotherapy, have lost their hair.

The idea is to mount a big annual campaign involving the biggest names in the beauty and cosmetics market to motivate the donation of hair for the creation of wigs. The NGO Together for Peace can count on the support of large enterprises, such as the wig manufacturer JakBell, the JW Marriott-RJ Hotel and Walter’s Coiffeur, as well as on publicity of the campaign by the Entrefatos Comunicação and Market Media agencies.

The hair collected in the campaign will be taken to the professionals at JakBell, which has a programme of opportunities for young people and adults who would wish to become professional hairdressers or wigmakers. This project also aims at offering, through qualified partners, a professional capacity for these young people for the manufacture of wigs. After training, these new professionals can be inserted in the labor market by the project partners and investors, motivating them to start their own enterprises.

NGO Together for Peace and Studio Jakbell through "Move with a thread of solidarity" campaign had the great pleasure to donate to the dear Mylena Teixeira Leite, two wigs to help participate in their treatment and recovery.