World Peace Forum

Together for Peace is proud to be the NGO responsible for the concept and development of the World Peace Forum. The first edition is planned for 2017 in Rio de Janeiro. This event aims to unite professionals from the most varied backgrounds, students, entrepreneurs, opinion makers and pioneers in the activities to build peace. The Forum will last for five days, over which debates, exchanges of experiences and resolutions will act as proponents for a movement to multiply ideas through the means of scholarly, as well as private, dissemination across all of the participating countries.

Fifty thousand people for Peace

In its first edition, the World Peace Forum aims to attract about ten thousand people. Towards the end of the event, some fifty thousand people will have circulated through the workshops, round tables, panels and free spaces, expounding their ideas in search of Peace.


Over the course of the Forum, there will be discussions of diverse issues, such as education, environment, technology, social responsibility and public politics, with one theme per day. Each theme will involve at least ten roundtables, panels and workshops. The debates will consist of a mediator, a well-known personality or professional person, and three debaters. The average duration of each debate will be 2 hours.

In 2017, a website will be created with all the information about the World Peace Forum.