The ‘Seeder of Peace’ Torch

The Seeder of Peace monument is to be a monument of some 6 metres in height. It will be installed on Praça da Praia Vermelha, in Urca, Rio de Janeiro, near to the embarkation point for visitors to the landmark Sugar Loaf. The form of the Torch communicates the seeding of peace to the passers-by.

This project is the result of a combination of forces by Together for Peace, the local authorities, the populations of each community involved, as well as community and academic educators. It is aimed at children and young people, to seed a culture of environmental preservation, sustainability, recycling and peace, through the means of education.

The Project in the Communities

Junior and middle-level public high school students of certain local communities (particularly those which are under the control of UPPs) will participate in a competition involving the presentation of school work and projects with the themes of sustainability, the environment, recycling and peace, coordinated and aided by teachers and educationalists from various local schools.

This competition could take place on a monthly, trimester or semester basis, depending only on the engagement of the individuals and communities involved.

The main prize of the competition will be the installation of a 2.5 metre copy of the Seeder of Peace Torch within the winning community, with representatives of that community selecting an easily accessible site for its installation.

In an adjacent space, the community will create a botanical garden, to be tended by local school children, where everything harvested to be divided among those taking care of it.

On the day of the presentation of the award, the winning student, together with other participants, will visit the principal monument of the project at Urca, where the winning student will light a torch to take back to the community with which to light the replica Seeder of Peace monument. The ceremony at which the winning student commits themself to peace in his community will be attended by authorities from the Mayor’s Office, the Department of Education and the schools involved. These students also win a scenic walk through the city, a lunch, a diploma and a medal with an engraving of the Seeder of Peace Torch.