Become a volunteer

As a volunteer, you are socially engaged and motivated by solidarity, an agent of transformation, providing services for the community by sharing your knowledge, giving up your time, and attending the needs of somebody close or the requirements of a cause.

At Together for Peace, we believe that today’s volunteers are involved, participating and conscientious, that they shoulder the responsibility of making and preserving peace and environmental protection.

You are therefore invited to join us, and all we ask is for you to spare a few hours each week for voluntary work.

We need help in the following areas:

  • Administration – coordinating projects
  • Text writing – crafting invitations and emails
  • Finance – bookkeeping
  • Marketing – publicizing events
  • Sponsorship management – acquiring sponsors
  • Media – contacting and dealing with the Press
  • Organization of events – planning, coordinating and running

If you identify with our cause and can provide your time each week, you can get in touch with us by following the link ‘Talk to us’, mentioning ‘Volunteer Work’ in the subject heading, or call us at --

If you want a better world and future, join us - your help is essential to advance this cause. After all, it belongs to us all!