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Peace is not just the responsibility of the powerful on Earth: everybody can contribute within the bounds of their own circumstances. We can do our job thanks to the generosity of our supporters and with your donation to Together for Peace, you’ll be making your own individual contribution to world peace.

We believe that it is not enough to talk about peace without believing in it and working for it as well. With your help, we can work to establish projects of all sizes to help bring and sustain peace. It may seem like a hard task, but everything worthwhile in life is gained by individual and collective willpower. If we persist and do not lose faith, we will be closer to the realization of our dream: the important thing is to believe in it and fight for it.

At Together for Peace we believe that, united, we will be successful. Your help and comradeship will be fundamental in bringing peace. No gesture intended for the good of society will be in vain; after all, it is activities such as these that light up hope, continually inspiring larger numbers of people.

Donations can be made via the Together for Peace account at Banco Bradesco

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