2014 was a very special year for Together for Peace. The support of old and new friends, partners and collaborators has done so much to help us continue our various projects.

We would like to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year with additional steps toward the attainment of a better world.

Accounting for Activities in 2014: A Report

‘Get Involved in a Strand of Solidarity’ Project

  1. Since the launch of the project at PUC-Rio in 2010, Together for Peace has been receiving large annual donations of hair. We have already delivered a large amount of donated hair to Jakbell, for the creation of wigs, always photographed.
  2. A number of the wigs have been given to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  3. In 2013, we obtained certificates of public utility status, on municipal as well as state levels.
  4. We are grateful for the help of Dr. Pedro Genesca, who volunteered to minute the actualization of our new status.
  5. We are looking for the help of Federal Deputies to attain the status of federal public utility; we are in the process of putting together the documentation.

Seminars and Presentations

  1. The presentation of together for peace for the students of Empresa Junior of the FGV, which increased the budget for the World Forum for Peace.
  2. The presentation of Together for Peace for Professors Andre Bracaui and Simone, who invited us to organize another presentation of our projects for the project management students of FGV.
  3. The American Society of Rio de Janeiro.


  1. CL Digital – responsible for the development of the site.
  2. Teodoro Lisboa Contabilidade Empresa Ltd. – Special thanks to Ms. Ione Lisboa and Mr. Teodoro.
  3. Tangram Marketing – Formatting and development of the project presentations.
  4. Many thanks to Helcio Fiszpan of Jakbell for the creation of the wigs.

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