Who we are

TOGETHER FOR PEACE: A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that works for the universal wish: the search for PEACE!

OUR IDEAL: Together For Peace was conceived and created to attend the universal cry for Peace. A Peace that does not depend only on the holders of power and the leaders of nations, but a peace that is the responsibility of everyone.

The meaning of our LOGO: Intertwined hands enveloping, a world without country divisions; two birds united by the words Together for Peace - United for Peace - recalling the different hues of the peoples that inhabit the Earth.

We believe that each human being is able to make their contribution to building Peace, according to the aptitudes and abilities of each one, within their individual limits. Small gestures and attitudes can become generating facts capable of consolidating Peace.

Nothing is despicable when based on universal moral and ethical values; no act is expendable when aimed at the public good.

Much has been said about Peace, but few are doing something really remarkable and lasting in the sense of instilling in the younger generations a real vocation for PEACE.

Imbued with this spirit, the NGO Together For Peace took on the challenge of organizing a world meeting to promote peace – World Peace Forum, whose first edition will happen in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the near future, following each two years.

This World Peace Forum will be a milestone in raising awareness for future generations. It will bring together young people and adults from all over the world to share ideas, insights and thoughts for building Peace together.

A series of projects and structuring actions will be carried out over the two years that separate one edition of the Forum from another. Aiming to make the yearning for Peace a palpable reality, the product of concrete actions.

OUR SLOGAN: I care about you!